Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekend Wishes

So all, still in the throes of this blog-is-tential moment, but making progress with the pics.  How was your week?

I have to say, aside from the technical issues, it's been a depressing week for me.  If anyone watched Jon Stewart last night, they would have learned something that I had not so far encountered in the two major newspapers that I check in with everyday - The New York Times and the LA Times.   I don't know which is worse, that noone has so far reported this to the American people, or that we have a system that allows this: a Republican lawmaker from Oklahoma has been able to singlehandedly block the 1 billion dollars in aid pledged to Haiti by the United States of America nine months ago when the earthquake hit there.   In case you don't know, there is virtually no reconstruction that has been achieved in Port au Prince.  And most of its inhabitants are still living in hopelessness under blue tarps.

And then what WAS reported, out of New Jersey, was the case of the college student who threw himself off the George Washington Bridge into the Hudson after his roommate and another dorm-mate secretly video-taped him having sex with another male student and broadcast it on the internet. 

Where is the compassion?  Do we even know the meaning of the word anymore?   Our starting point in human relationships in America these days seems to be overwhelmingly adversarial, even gladiatorial. We seem to consume each others' misfortune as entertainment, a two-dimensional image that cannot feel or bleed as we do.  Or, in some twisted way, we glory in others' vulnerability as if somehow parading and bearing witness to their pain will somehow be an inoculation against misfortune befalling us.    I find the latter to be a kind of primitive superstition.  And then we turn away falsely re-armed.

I'm hearing more and more people feeling overwhelmed by the ugliness of the external world and focusing in, or tucking into their personal circles, because it's the only place where they feel they can have any real positive impact, or feel safe.

I think I have always wished that the best of our outside and inside worlds could more harmoniously resemble each other.  These photos (from what I believe was a UK Elle Decoration earlier this year) is a nice visual metaphor for that.  

Hope your weekend is a good one.   And if you have some encouraging news for me, share it please!


  1. If you're interested in stopping the cycle of hatred and ignorance, please help with the Trevor Project:

    The Trevor Project is the leading national organization focused on crisis intervention and suicide prevention efforts among LGBTQ youth. Every day, The Trevor Project saves young lives through its free and confidential lifeline, in-school workshops, educational materials, online resources and advocacy. For more information, visit

    Also, there is a national moment of silence tonight at 5pm.

    That is horrific about Haiti. I had no idea. Whether Republican or Democrat (I try not to be partisan in these days of uber-partisanship and finger pointing), the person who blocked that is obviously misinformed and needs a wake up call.

  2. I did watch Jon Stewart. I was disgusted by the haiti debacle.

    The world has always been a pretty ugly place as far as humans are concerned. But I think it's getting better sloooowly, take heart.

  3. Wonderful post - you make very pertinent points, and eloquently illustrated.

  4. Both items are very awful MP and speak to equally disturbing aspects of present day life.
    Im glad you write about it. Its ever so easy to say nothing and accept it as more bad news. Somehow speaking keeps the possibility for indignance to be registered by others and we all egg each other on a little.
    Well...not much news...have been really busy...hardly spent a minute at the blog of late... so the good news for me is visiting you after a long day at the studio and seeing you are still getting dialogue going!
    Have a great weekend...
    S x

  5. wow, sometimes it does seem like the world has gone mad doesnt it. so glad you posted about this or i would not have known.

    and as sophie said, great to see such a worthwhile dialogue in blog land.


  6. Two very sad and depressing things indeed!
    Although I emphatically wish it was otherwise (and I'm sure there are many of us who try to contribute to it being otherwise in lots of different ways, both big and small) the world seems to get darker every day. But as Sophie says, we can all egg each other on a little and with perseverance (and some luck) it needn't always be so dark...
    I'm sorry I don't have any encouraging news to share, but I do hope your weekend was good and that your week will be a happy one!