Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wells Pottery

Journey if you will..........

to one of Los Angeles' older neighborhoods, Echo Park

and along that mythic roadway, Sunset Boulevard.

to a neighborhood you might recognize from the books of Raymond Chandler.

As colorful and textured as these tiles.

A place that time has not quite forgot......

Here you will find something with which to ornament your dreams or to stoke reveries of stylish eras past........................(!!!!)

(Now you are making me think I need to start hitting open houses on Sundays in L.A.

so I can show you the gorgeous ways in which these tiles are used in L.A. homes.)

.......Whether you are pouring tea......

Or aching to liberate your inner Snow White,

At Wells Pottery, (click the link!) you will find lustrous sleek variations on that most humble and ubiquitous of alchemical miracles:  fired earth!  And a little bit of California history and romance.


  1. Thanks for introducing this place. I can't wait to go check it out!

  2. I love this SO much, Paradis! Reminds me of wandering through a tile shop in Portugal many years ago, finding dusty little treasures I still have. :-)

  3. What a treasure trove! I would love to slowly explore this place! Thanks for taking us on a sneak peak of a particularly nice corner of your city!