Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Painting - Breon O'Casey

Excerpted from Breon O'Casey, Scolar Press 1999

These painting posts are especially for Sophie, who's finishing up a couple of huge projects

just about now, and has been engaging herself

and many others of us, in a wonderful conversation about

form, color, pattern, texture, positive and negative space

layered realities, and the role of nature in our art making and in our lives.  (Oh, and edges!  Did I mention edges?  Which are some of my favorite things in painting.)

Soon, I hope she'll get a chance to put her feet up and just enjoy.  (Before she sprints off on another huge endeavor/adventure which I can't help but think must come her way).

Link here for more about Breon O'Casey.


  1. I'm only about two months behind on blog reading (on account of our internet situation here) and have been meaning to come over here for ages, and whaddya know, this first post up top just made my day and TOTALLY inspired me. Was not familiar with Breon O'Casey's beautiful work. THANK YOU for such a wonderful post.

  2. it looks like a lovely book. i like the slightly naive style.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful post. All those things but, especially the words "positive and negative space" are on my mind too!

    I am so curious what Miss Sophie is up to So mysterious!

    thanks again!


    Oh, liked the previous painting post too!

  4. I like his combinations of colors ...

  5. WOW is all I can say you wonderful you!
    These are absolutely stunning and inspiring and ...just wow!

    I was so unbelievably focused this pat 10 days i only sneaked onto my own blog late last night and left a little post... and now before I head to the studio a little quick trip around the blogosphere to say hello and i miss you to some wonderful people... thanks for the encouragement... December 7th I get to surface... till then phew...
    go well my friend,