Thursday, October 14, 2010

Je............ Grimpe

This is the french word for "climbing".  I think it's a great word for describing what I'm trying to do at the moment. "Je grimpe" makes me think of myself as only inching forward.  Clinging.  Only I feel like I'm flat on my belly.  Not a lot of vertical progress is taking place.  Vertical would be good.

Meanwhile in my further efforts to understand JUST WHAT is going on here, i.e., why is blogger telling me I no longer have room for pictures but so far, text is JUST FINE........?!  And is this really true or has all the messing about with software in-and-outing had a deleterious impact on interfaces?  (Are you with me here still or have I totally lost you?) And if yes, text, how MUCH TEXT?  And why am I suddenly also being told that my browser (Safari) doesn't much like what I'm doing with I-Photo either?  Meanwhile after a long session with a couple of geniuses, I'm told that Apple cannot be responsible.  For what?  You might ask?  Yeah well, keep on asking.  As long as I-Photo is "working" though not at all with any other software in the universe, or not even my is NOT.  THEIR problem.

So that aside, I'm jumping on the bandwagon.  The universe seems to be crumbling around us - and yes I AM still depressed about it because I AM, as a friend just described herself,  A SERIOUS PERSON,  in addition to being a mostly silly blogger.   (This week I'm depressed about foreclosures and you should be too!)

But anyway, yes I'm joining That BandWagon, of avoidance of all those serious and depressing issues, to instead focus on the New York Times' most popular article for today, which I will now share with you!  Assuming you haven't seen it yet.

The article is about being a CATPERSON vs. a DOGPERSON.  You can find it here.  And then you, too, will be on the BAND WAGON.


BUT.  If I could have a couple of cows.  Or a baby elephant.  I would probably post about them too.  And adore them fatuously.  In all of their gloriously respective cow or elephant-like nature.  I am an EQUAL-OPPORTUNITY person. Not a this, or a that kind of person.  Except for tarantulas.  OK?


What kind of person are YOU?


  1. ...oh ...a thought MP... when first started in May 09 at blogger...there was a image download quota that used to come up each time you downloaded...a month or 2 later.... the entire process longer did it indicate a much space you had left....

    I remember reading a lot of blogs around that time who would leave off at the old blog and go to the new one and just keep going from there.

    Do you know what Im referring too... does anyone else? I was all so new to blogging then that I just went on and hoped for the best.

    So...what you could do...if you dont think this is a mad start an alternative blog...and see if you are getting to download images without any trouble.
    I also went through a weird moment around august where I could not make sense of what was happening with image downloading. I went on a holiday and when I got back it was fine.
    ....maybe trying a simple blog for something random you like would be the quickest test!
    Hope something shifts... see ya!
    S xo

  2. Great to see you bounce back with another post, photo or no photo. Let's hope yr problem gets solved soon and blogger lets you upload pictures.

    Great to know you tried making idlis :)!!

  3. These technical issues sound very tedious and frustrating! I don't use iPhoto or Blogger (I'm a Luddite when it comes to organising photos and do it all 'manually', and I use Photoshop for tweaking, and WordPress for blogging) so don't have any clever suggestions. I did find this (perhaps useful?) page about running out of image storage space on Blogger and possible solutions. I hope it helps… but it does sound like the problem might be more to do with iPhoto than Blogger? So much for the 'Genius Bar'!

    Oh, and a resounding yes to 'equal opportunities'… I love 'em all, even tarantulas (unless they're on my face!).

    I hope you can crack your tech problems soon, and have a great weekend!

  4. i'm a woman from here and now, trying to find how to live right here and now. Et j'adore les chats parce que les regarder vivre m'enseigne sur ce fameux "carpe diem"... il savent si bien cueillir le jour.

  5. grimpe, ma fille-good luck!
    Nice post and forward - Good fun!

  6. I am a dog person because I am allergic to cats. Ah...forbidden pleasures.

    I understand your frustration with the tech thing. I had problems with blogger being SLOW / snail slow. I dumped a bunch of stuff. Removed my cache and cookies and went on vacation just like Sophie. Came back and everything was fine. Maybe a vacation is in order?

    Oh, also... in a world so dependent on images. These word only posts are interesting. Makes me stop and slow down. hmmmmm

  7. I'm SO sorry you're going through this!! How wretchedly frustrating! I hope you can figure it all out soon cuz I really miss your gorgeous photos. :-)