Sunday, November 21, 2010

So How Was Your Weekend?

Do anything special?  See anything good?


  1. hello MP!
    Cramming in all the posts Ive missed...LOVED Singapore... now I do want to go there. ANd this will be my definitive guide.
    As for my weekend... finished the 64 page book with help form young architecture students who are brilliant on Indesigen stuff...computers in general. Its getting proofed and then I guess ready next week.
    Deadlines at the moment for everything ...then I drop...into a pool I hope!!!
    Also loved that beatles photo on the mac and thought...funny..never seen this looked contemporary!
    have a great week!
    ciao bellla,
    S xo

  2. Love this window shot... kisses to the sweet dog.

    This weekend? I had grand plans but then the energy crashed and so I ended up vegging. Needed it - and it felt GOOD :^)


  3. it was full of rain... pffff :(

    ps: this is my new adress of blog


  4. LOVE that picture! Fab colors and the pup is adorable. :-) I stayed home all weekend and absolutely loved it!! :-) I read books and watched movies and baked cookies and slept in and talked on the phone to my man who's in Australia right now. It was wonderful. :-)