Monday, November 15, 2010

Singapore - Part Two

At the time that we were in Singapore (just over 2 weeks ago!) , Diwali was just a week away.  In Little India the 

anticipation was palpable.  The streets were filling with shoppers out looking for their holiday

sweets, saris, jewelry.

And decorations!

Is it because we're in Singapore, or because times are changing?  When we were in Mysore four years ago (pictures here), it was all about real flower garlands in massive quantities it seemed, for ornamenting the house.  In 2010, in this part of the world, plastic garlands rule,

and ceramic backlit tchotchkes.  Hey guess you can't stop progress!  (And Mr. Paradis and I did find these somehow fascinating.  Tacky or.....sublime?  Both???????)

The temple located between Serangoon Road (Little India's main thoroughfare see first pic top)
and Farrer Park, where the market below can be found, still has that whimsical, slightly wild feel that many gardens and temples in India have.  Which is reassuring.  There is something about the randomness of the inhabited landscape in India that has a strong appeal for some of us.  Have you been to India?  Do you feel that?   It's surprising, it's jarring, but somehow it keeps you on your toes and your senses in a state of hyper-sensitivity.  It makes you feel really alive.

Although much of Singapore is colorful, something about the India aesthetic seems to mean that a couple extra notes of color sophistication seems to be layered on.

I have to call on that cliche of "kaleidoscopic feast for the senses"

to describe it.  More is definitely more.  And I LOVE IT!


  (Most of these photos were taken on an I-Phone.  Not bad huh?)


  1. Mille, what place is this (pic) exactly... seems familiar.
    How did you celebrate Diwali in India(festival of lights) ? That's a great occasion here.

  2. Mille, i actually thought this is India when i glanced thru the pics first!!
    Nice travel pics!!

  3. It is good that the Indians have brought some of their colour and disorder to the streets of Singapore, because otherwise it seems far too orderly and sterile.

  4. Looks great. I love the buildings!

  5. ps Have a great time. Are you getting some outfits made? I had some of my favourite things copied when I was in Vietnam and they turned out great and reasonable for what they were.
    Ooh also forget to mention that I loved the rich interiors you featured a few posts ago - gorgeous fabrics.

  6. your color as usual is a feast for the eye!!! I love how the Indians live with so much color and pattern. YUM!

  7. Merci pour toutes ces belles images, on s'y croirait! et bon voyage au pays des couleurs, des saveurs et des parfums, ici c'est l'hiver***

  8. Just stumbled upon your blog. I just got back from Singapore as well. Loved reading about your experience. The food was out of this world.


  9. Zowie! Great color and punch - thanks for this kaleidoscopic display! Those books or magazines in the last shot look appealing. Did you get any?