Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Light Life

Hi everybody.  Yes I am back home.  It's hot in L.A. and the light is very beautiful.  As some of you already know I don't like to ANNOUNCE that my house is going to be empty for some time.   (Did you know that your very specific location i.e., HOME ADDRESS is announced when you post from some computers, phones and cameras?)   So I do tend to sneak away when that time comes.  (On the other hand someone very determined could probably also figure out when I post that I am NOT at home.  WTF?  So........)  

We did have quite the excellent adventure.  Mr. Paradis had meetings in some remoter corners of the world (well to us Americans!) and I tagged along.  So we stopped in the UK to see MUM the first weekend, continued then to Dubai and Chennai.  Since my birthday is coming up we spent last weekend in Singapore.  YES! SINGAPORE!  (I've been watching too much Anthony Bourdain and Top Chef.)  And came home again via Manila and Honolulu.  Literally.  Right around the world in 12 days.  (YIKES!  Don't ask how discombobulating that was!)  I have to work on my pictures yet this weekend, i.e., I-phone pics again, because we were a little challenged in the adequate-electrical-outlets department in certain surprising places.  So next week for that.

And by the way, Kevin - you were a little too right.....but HOW did you know?  (So busted.)

You with the CIA?


  1. OK.... so we thought you'd gone to the corner shop.
    No ..thats amazing... all those stops in 12 days. Any wonder you are the ultimate tour guide...looking forward to the pics!

  2. You're so lucky! I've never been to Dubai before. I have spent many layovers in Singapore, however. Isn't the airport there something? I read it's consistently rated the top airport in the world.