Monday, November 29, 2010

Books Good Enough to Eat: OTTOLENGHI

I don't really need to say alot here.

The pictures say it all.

Yotam Ottolenghi has a small but excellent chain of "deli's" in London.  I have only ever been to the  one in Notting Hill.

The food is heavenly.  Impeccably light and fresh.  And FLAVORFUL.

These photos come from his two cookbooks, "Plenty" (Pics, Jonathan Lovekin)  and just,

Ottolenghi.  (Pics:  Richard Learoyd)

Wasn't I right?

No need for words.

How happy could you make someone at Christmas?   VERY VERY HAPPY!

(Read more about Ottolenghi's recipes and books here, here, and here!  And check out the website and beautiful blog here.)


  1. Yum! My heart (or should that be stomach) skipped a beat when I saw the pic of the meringue tower... I used to walk past that tower (and drool) fairly frequently when passing through Islington back in my 'London days' :)
    I've heard fine things about the Ottolenghi recipes from others, and now that I have your recommendation too I shouldn't dally a moment longer getting my hands on a copy of one of the books!

  2. Oh Yum MP!
    I bought this book Plenty when I was in Melbourne a few months ago and was too busy to cook from it this kind of food...would be divine to go to one of the eating houses!
    Should be asleep... a little relaxation on route!
    ps tom. the book...soon the post office...

  3. DONE. He had me at the halved roasted aubergines with motz and pomegranates. Thank you SO much for introducing me to this book and his cooking! I'm going to order it on Amazon right this second.

    As reciprocation check out the Canal House Cooking books. FOOD PORN. Totally and unbelievably spectacular recipes, photos, and banter. If you're into fresh, flavorful, unusual combinations of simple ingredients you'll die and go to heaven over those books. My favorite, for sure.

  4. Those are such wonderful photos. And so contrary to the abysmal lunch I had today. Death to all "Cosi" franchises.

  5. I think I will put this book on my wishlist :)

  6. Wow. I've heard such great things about this book and now seeing the pictures I understand why. How amazing!! :-)

  7. you are right no need for words ... delicious pictures !!

  8. Everything looks delicious! Another place to visit on my next trip to London!!