Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Show of Hands

Was it a good weekend?   (We went camping!)

(Source: Murda via Blackpool)

Here's a little thought for Monday.......

It's hard, (don't you think?) to separate the facsimile

(via Black-pool)

from the reality.

(Source: unknown - can anyone help?)

Their utility has so much meaning

(Cookies:  Kuroiwa Patisserie, Brooklyn NY)

to us.  In endless urgent varieties.


  1. Les patisseries de Kuroiwa sont superbes, je n'en ai jamais vu d'aussi originales... et une belle balade dans l'univers étrange de blackpool..! bon début de semaine... très très chaud à Paris...!

  2. Merci pour cette belle collection! Tu m'as donne un coup de main pour affronter la fin des vacances (et les bagages a faire...) tres bon lundi la-bas!

  3. ha! those door knob hands! yes, i always feel elated when i encounter one, in bruges, e.g. i know a place where similar ones are, not this expressive though.

    the cookies are to die for, when eaten, i should think. eat thy hand, wouldn't that be interesting?

    on the cornflower, it might be its spikes that makes it solemn a little, might it? i don't find it a particular happy flower either, but so proud! i do feel better. ha, ups and downs though! who needs them, but we're sure getting 'em...

    good day to you too. enjoy.