Sunday, August 5, 2012

This Weekend

Here's what we made and ate.

Schiaccata all'uva.  You can't have late summer and champagne grapes without it.

Inspired by Jim Lahey of Sullivan St. Bakery in NYC.  We used to go there nearly every weekend for bread and pizzas year after year and the schiaccata was an annual must-have.  (Available only in late July and August.)  They have just finally opened a space on 9th Ave. in Chelsea. Here's the menu.  The recipe comes from this book:  My Bread.  

And here's a video of Jim Lahey (and another NY pizza maker) showing you how to get your pie into the oven properly. 

When you don't live in NYC and aren't able to get a good slice on every street corner, you start to obsess about pizza. So far L.A. is not measuring up except for Mozza.  That's coming from Mr. Paradis.  



  1. hmmm .....ces pizzas!!!!!Ma préférée reste la plus simple, huile d'olives et romarin réalisée à Fano, près de Rimini! Baci Baci signorina Paradisio!

  2. miam....Je rêve d'une aussi belle pizza dans mon assiette accompagnée d'un rayon de soleil... !

  3. du coté de ton père tu es italienne et du coté de ta mère allora? Baci carissima!