Friday, August 17, 2012

I Love a Bit of Glitter

(Artist Jan Yager, from Tiaras Past and Present)

It's getting on for late August.  For many of us who'll be "out of town"

(Photo: Mlle P.)

it will be all about skimpy tops and shorts in the day and sweatshirts (and maybe more) 

This and last pic: Pinterest "Lovely Things"

when the sun goes down.

But somewhere in the world on an August night

someone just might be dressing like Zelda

and dancing the night away..........

(All other pics via Bohemian Wornest here.)


  1. ...Emerging from summer craziness to say HELLO! and, I *love* this post. Trying to figure out how I can incorporate that top tiara into my workweek wardrobe...

  2. Those three sparkly dresses make me smile so big!! I'd love to twirl in the middle one. :-)