Saturday, August 11, 2012

Something Entirely Different Weekend Post

Well, different from the earlier posts of the week.

What are you doing to keep cool????

It's been really hot in L.A. this week.  The good news and the bad news is that most shopping areas and museums have a lot of outdoor areas.  What we really want today is somewhere very cool and completely inside to chill in. 

Like this.  My idea is for eating sorbets and consuming cool drinks.   And you've guessed it right, we don't have a pool......... 

Have a great rest of the weekend wherever you are!

(Sorry, no photo credit, but I found it at Vosges Paris here.)


  1. Comme il est beau ce petit lampion bleu, on dirait notre planête vue de l'espace.
    Merci pour ton gentil mail bisous bisous.

  2. That does look very cool and shady and peaceful. :-) It's warming up a bit here in Australia, but I still need to wear scarves and tights to keep warm enough. :-)