Thursday, August 9, 2012

Jimtown Grocery, Alexander Valley

Somewhere between Sonoma and Napa Valleys

on a lonely stretch of curving to much of nothing but the sky, to vines marching away as far as the eye can see,  and a deep separation of mountains........

I had a dream of life.  A somewhat lonely but not sinister "Postman Always Rings Twice" kind of life.

Of relentless sun and solitude, and occasional - and only occasionally - friendly - strangers stopping in to relieve the stillness of the hour.

I, or someone, would have made something delicious in the back - and there would be somewhere cool

for those weary workers or traveler-type strangers to rest their feet.

It would be a place of the unsuspected, of curiosities.....with little expectation that anyone would want to carry something of any of it away with them. 

I would be well satisfied to keep said curiosities for myself.

Especially these.  I would let my visitors take tasty little snacks, and cheap clever gadgets away with them.  Instead.

I would not be very happy, when, by the 21st century, I had acquired (my first, ever)  neighbors.  Even if they did have very groovy chairs.

(Jimtown Grocery:  Find out more here.  Photo below, Jimtown Store website)   



  1. Lorsque j'ouvre ton blog je pars en voyage , et c'est BIEN...!

  2. C'est vraiment le paradis..! tes photos sont très toute la simplicité qui me manque à Paris... J'aimerai bien faire un tour dans cette jolie épicerie...!

  3. J'aime toutes ces photos. Il y a de vraies merveilles dedans !

  4. i have so enjoyed these would-be's...