Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Flower Shower

Can ya believe it?????

(Photo: Mlle Paradis)

August is just

(Photo: Delphine, Paradis Express)


(via "Inspired" by Tamar tumblr)

over.  Even in California

(PaysdeMerveilles - A lovely french blog that I did not bookmark and can't find the link to now.)

I hate how fast the summer season comes to an end.

So a little last shot of posies before the weather starts to change.  Hope you like.......


  1. Your selection is beautiful, my favorite is the last one (and I could find the missing blog, it is :

  2. I adore these photos, and they are utterly inspiring as I head into Spring here in Oz. :-) I'm having such fun planting, anticipating gorgeous blooms and veggies in the months to come. :-)

  3. Merci pour ces quelques fleurs... J'aime beaucoup la composition de la dernière photo et hop un petit détour chez Tamar...! Bonne journée

  4. thx for these posies. they remind me not all is rain against the pane... happening, like right now, and here...

  5. Fabulous! (and I love the header of the blog!). More kisses!