Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Petaluma Peeks

Ahhhhhh yes.......

It's still summer and we're still in California.

Here are some views of the countryside from Petaluma to Tomales Bay

and back.  Sometimes

it's hard to believe that countryside like this still exists in America.

We have been so besotted with housing developments, big box stores

mega-casinos and outlet malls.

So reassuring to know that landscapes like this persist

and abide.   Whatcha think?

Are you coming back from vacation with that light sunny feeling in your head and a warm glow envelopping you?  Hope it was a good one!


  1. I love seeing photos of the American countryside, it just reminds me of old films, its lovely. Quite different to here in the UK, I want to come explore, looks amazing!

  2. Very reassuring indeed. Begone foul malls!
    I love your panoramic crops (or perhaps they aren’t ‘cropped’ but were taken as panoramic shots?), and all that warm, soft yellow - beautiful!

  3. Superbe couleur dorée... les paysages sont magnifiques... la nature à perte de vue... un vrai plaisir pour les yeux...!

  4. blissfull shots mllle p ...
    stark raving mad so many who've planned our world... Land not far from me that looks rather like this is being fracked...the food bowl of Australia ....such wisdom... NOT! Summer is coming, drought eminent and already a Coal Seam Gas fire up there.