Friday, May 21, 2010

Anything Green in Your Garden?

Have a Good One this Weekend!


  1. What a magnificent place!! I want a garden like this one day. :-)

  2. I think this is MacGregors garden!
    Beatrix Potter etc...
    Where is this from MP?
    Its pretty green here at the moment - we've had quite a lot of rainy days...not huge downpours abut quite consistent rain so green YES!
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend...
    back soon to you w mail... very miserable cold at moment making me woozy and I have a bit of work to get done now before bed ... OH well...
    ciao bella!

  3. What a lovely image. Our gardens are just beginning here, but it has been the most proliferous spring here and everything early is blooming in spades. I think it will be a good garden season!

  4. it IS impossibly green this garden and the because is almost self evident - it is a photo of allotments alongside the ala wai canal in honolulu. (i'll caption the picture) again. my love of color and greenery started early in life. this is my idea of what "normal" is!

  5. On second thoughts I won't, it looks perfect as it is! Cheers all!

  6. such a beautiful garden!

    it´s ok- if you find something that you like :)
    thanks for your comment!

  7. So lush and a wonderful place for escape; for inspiration!

    Art by Karena

  8. you too! that photo looks so luscious! xx