Friday, May 7, 2010

Window Dressing and........Life

Had to share.  Found this photo at Paris Apartments, Claudia's wonderful blog which is always so full of energy and surprises.  This is a photo taken in the '60's by Italian photog  Ormond Gigli .  She found it  on Artnet.  This photo, and variations on it, have sold at auction for molto thousands of dineros (if I may mix my lingos!).  And what a surprise, it's literally packed with style, fun and wonder.  No?

and below, via Rohini at "the beat that my heart skipped" who found it at "we heart it" -

We Heart It

I searched for rather awhile but couldn't find the photographer.  To me, it should be entitled:  "Life is But a Dream".

Along those lines, my computer has chosen to take an as-yet-undetermined extended fantasy holiday to parts I  know not!  Good thing I had a couple posts saved up in Blogger (Ya learn something new everyday!) 

So I will bow out of this first week of May wishing you a Great Weekend and hoping that I can be back early next week with better news and fresh goodies to amaze and delight....

Hope it's sunnier and less slippery where you are!   Cheers!


  1. I love the Gigli. It it typical of images I like with strong architectural element and lots of color. But the second picture was the one that I reponded to emotionally. It really does draw one in. I think you chose a good title for it.

  2. Thanks! and have a great week end too! (I love the 2nd photo and your title is just it!)

  3. Oh Paradis, I love, love, love that lantern shot. It is fantasy and wonder and beauty and peace all wrapped up together.

  4. i love magical photography like this sooo much. it is a ticket to a new exciting place! jxx

  5. Wow the first picture is great!