Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lacey Days

I suppose it's because I'm so spoiled these days having five months of spring and color from January through May that I've headed in a black and white direction.  (Still loving color though guys - not complaining!)  But I have to keep my eye fresh and I don't want to bore you either.  So here's a little something I did recently.  I love the aspect of blog life that gives me access (Thanks Terianne you totally get it! - you too?) to so many kinds of beauty and invention and all your different eyes and ways of experiencing the world.  It pushes me to try things I've never tried.  When I took photography class in college I was really quite "blocked".  I was like - "huh? sorry NO IDEAS!"  I actually much preferred taking pictures of people then. Now, I'm enjoying exploring still lifes more and seeing how I can expand my vocabulary.  Of course a little busy-body Miss always wants to know what Mommy is doing and how she can be part of it. I guess she's a little like me too, it's very important for her to investigate - with her nose - everything that represents some kind of change or novelty in her surroundings.

So a little bit of lace.  Not SO girly in black and white and shades of gray.  Just a couple pics.

Somehow reminds me of an Italian grandmother.


  1. Yes of course MP!
    so true...italian grandmother... interesting to play with this imagery... I like the top photo a lot - the composition and tonal thing...
    the cat entering shifts it entirely ... mood, feel, colour even...
    my mind plays tricks and sees the cat going to eat the "food" - suddenly it looks like a box of muffins...
    So interesting to play with such slight shifts and see what you are left with. Its great to see this MP.
    Something else I am very curious about is what are your fav pages of your fav mags? following on from previous pot!
    keep looking at that top image... its connecting with some hidden thought!

    Totally agree the blogsosphere opens ones mind a lot to possibility and the fact of a kind of biodiversity in how we express our selves and our visions as you say!
    Looking forward to seeing more photos...
    bring them on!

  2. Oh, so lovely!
    Don't remember how I found your blog but am enjoying it immensely.
    thank you.

  3. MON DIEU!
    Your chat looks an awful lot like that monstrous puff of black smoke in "LOST"!
    The imagination is a terrible thing to waste no?
    That is one curious cat!

  4. I like this very much, Paradis. :-) Simple, soft, lovely textures.

  5. I always love a little lace here and there. What could be prettier?

  6. Hi everybody! Thanks for your lovely comments!

    Hmmm Sophie, yes I am being more conscious about "color stories" but mostly always texture and pattern which I've always been very in love with. I guess since I've been a painter most of my time, there's always an element of abstraction that pushes itself in. I think I'm trying to strike that balance in these pics. Between capturing physical details and letting abstraction take over. And then of course, the light is everything.

    hand and spirit - welcome! cambria must be a lovely place to make art. lucky you!

    carol - ahem! please see le style et la matiere's comment re: chandeliers two days ago and re: mlle dolly: "She's a real beauty!" and mommy's post Dec 14, 2009. one day when we allow you the privilege of painting her you will have a chance to truly understand and her embrace her incandescent allure! ...... "Curious" - Huh!

    Ally - now that's the kind of comment we're looking for over her at PP!

  7. O.K. we need to talk! These are beautiful and like one of the comments I thought it was black smoke for a second. I hope you saw the answer to your kind comment on my One More Thing post. I have a idea for a photo series I would love to talk to you about. Email me if interested, if not, no problem. I'm enjoying your travels and the hood, thanks.

  8. Love the lace and the black. Makes it more modern and actually slightly less granny to me!