Monday, May 10, 2010

Long Ago in France

Oh Hello again everyone!  So sweet of you to leave nice notes Carol, Krista and Kenza.  You three  brighten up MOST of my days, everyday!  It was nice of you to take time and say something thoughtful and encouraging when apparently it was looking like a doubtful day!!! Thanks again

So in the relative realm of goodnews/badnews it was largely technological uncertainties that were making things seem a little dim and daunting and somehow just beyond my reach this weekend.  A little tidying up around the edges having been performed and, barring the certain fact that my "help desk" will be operating from an "undisclosed location" for the next near term (now I know why "Dubya" had that face when Cheney checked himself into the bunker....) things SHOULD return to normal here soon, soon, soon!

Until that fuller confidence in the techno-universe has been more convincingly restored, it feels reassuring to linger here in that "half-light" kind of mood, so I thought I'd share a couple vintage Paradise pics.   I guess you could also say that this might be my penance made to the Cyber Gods (which is apparently due) as, shameless Francophile that I profess to be, so little of this blog reflects it in any more concrete pictorial form (not that others don't do it terribly well! - hello again Carol!)

Luxembourg Gardens

Earlier in the story of Mr. Paradis and Me, we used to go to France at least every two years.   

Coulon,  Marais Poitevin

And then it became every year....and then it became several times a year.......


and then we moved to Hawaii and well, everything changed.  These are some very early pics, with the mist of time and nostalgia on them.  Real photo album relics.  

A simpler time.  Aren't they always simpler, the further away they are?


  1. Nice of you to mention me. no need really. and these photos are lovely! especially the last one in Trouville. Have a nice day and smile...

  2. no doubt about your francophily!
    We tend to forget about past hard times, especially when pictures are so soft.

  3. I also love that last photo from Trouville - as you say, positively steeped in nostalgia and the mists of time. It really is beautiful - almost exudes the subtle fragrances of the roses and herbs...
    And I hope your technology issues will come right soon!

  4. Great photos! My fave is the last one, but then I love the colors of the home/building.

    Thank you for your sweet comments on Bo- he sure is a handful, and needs to be entertained. Smile... I bet he would love a visit from you.xo

  5. Dear Mlle Paradis,
    I have been far too distracted, out and about and away of late... and therefore missing your news and hearing of what has been amusing/ ailing/ distracting you and sharing in those day to day things that are life through and through .... I am very behind with emails and library books and such. When the library book fines come i know i am out of whack!
    wonderful images and so , so nostalgic!
    I'm just noticing your amazing blog list - I'd better get back to work before I get ridiculously off-track!
    Thank you for all the excellent and most wonderful, helpful insight into all manner of things when things were going crazy here before I ran off in search of time out.
    Now is back to the grind but that also means being in touch with things too! Getting feet back on ground!

    take care and best to you over there...
    S x