Thursday, May 20, 2010

Return to Nature

Look what I found today.......

This is what living in L.A. does to me.


  1. YES! I demand more street-side succulent posts!
    Oh Silverlake, the bounty of thy hillside streets astoundeth.

    Thanks for the well-wishes. Drawling in bed a very good idea.


  2. So interesting! It looks so tropical and almost otherworldly :-)

  3. MP ....
    these are gorgeous!
    Bug's eye view and otherworldly ... yes!
    These plants look so alive ... like they are growing before ones very eyes!
    3rd one down is quite exquisite... even though I actually am partial to all !
    I reckon that 3rd one makes me actually want to paint it.... the arrangement of forms and spatial aspect of it... like a diarama thats been deliberately stage... Oooh! Its a great shot ... maybe blown up large?

  4. thx to all for stopping by! i was going to say - l.a. is making me make pictures like james cameron movies! (tho i haven't seen avatar - have you? i'm guessing!)