Monday, May 31, 2010

Maui Views - I'ao Valley

Here's a little taste of Maui.  One of the biggest of the Hawaiian Islands and a destination for many of those 

preferring a "resort" holiday.  Too bad people arrive at their big beige and pink hotels with golf courses planted to remind them of Connecticut or San Diego

 and never go outside to see the stunning natural beauty of Maui.  If you only have a little bit of time to travel between the islands, to the northwest, just outside Kahului where the airport is located, is the I'ao valley.  (The drive from Kahului to Kapalua and back in the same corner of the island is also shorter than the famous drive to Hana and will give you much more intimate views of island life.)

Where you will get gorgeous views and a snapshot of Hawaiian life and culture before the islands became highly developped.  The I'ao Valley State Park has hikes and streams and Hawaiian sites as well as a "village" of houses representing the various cultures that predominate in Hawaii.

  There you will see charming examples of Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian, Philipino and Portuguese typical homes.  

And be reminded of the simple appeal of being in Hawaii, to just be outdoors in it's gentle air

and immerse yourself in its waters.


  1. OK ...thats it...Im going there...!
    This is my idea of heaven those strange but wonderful mountains and that river MP!

  2. Wow. Oh Paradis, these are stunning. I can't help but breathe so deep looking at them. These pictures have convinced me that I must, MUST go to Hawaii one day. :-)

  3. Oh, what lush, gorgeous landscapes! This post has got my wanderlust working overtime... again!

  4. Stunning! I especially love the second one.

  5. Wonderful landscapes..I must go there one day.. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics with us, lovely blog.