Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait - Suzanne's Magic

Some of you may already know Suzanne and her blog, sakurasnow.  I love Suzanne's papercuts and her lovely AND edge-y with a little wink approach to the world.  So of course I couldn't resist when she made cards available in her etsy shop just before Christmas. 

I ordered papercut cards like the lovely ones that she demonstrated the making of, on her site. Eventually, we agreed on an exchange (but no moi-made art from my side), based on which I would also become the lucky recipient of some of her Wolf-and-a-Bear-In-the-Woods gorgeous silkscreen cards.

Good news, Suzanne got her package just about Christmas time.  Whereas the Paradis family, not so much!  Poor lovely package was held hostage by the forces of POST for nearly a period of TWO FULL MONTHS!   (Can ya believe it?!)

Much to the dismay and lingering angst of both parties, sending and receiving, who also ended up spending WAYYYY to much time moping around our respective post offices.  (Well I was moping!)

BUT TODAY IT ARRIVED!!!!!  I was so thrilled.  Was I really afraid it was going to end up the Paddington Bear of Papercut Packages?  I was!

So can you tell?  She wrapped it so beautifully, I cannot bear to open up EVERYTHING yet!

The package wrapping was such that the post-office lady and I had quite a little moment when I picked it up, as she ran her finger over the curlicues of white gouache with which Suzanne had embellished the address.......

exclaiming, "SO PRETTY!  I LIKE IT!"  So it seems Suzanne's artistry had ultimately melted the internal organs of those infamously stony hearted "posties" and evoked in them all a grand passion to ensure that this delightful package would indeed find it's rightful home with it's properly loving and appreciative new owner!

Awwww!  Makes ya feel a little Amelie all over, don't it?

So really, everybody, make sure to click the links above - there are more Wolf-and-Bear cards available!  How can you not?!  

And once again....with feeling - THANKS SUZANNE!


  1. Etonnants et spectaculaires ces cartes découpées, j'aime particulièrement le dernier, le turquoise...sans doute parcequ'à cette période de l'année, j'ai envie de bleu turquoise des mers chaudes du soleil... pas toi? passe une belle journée, je t'embrasse.

  2. Merci à toi pour la découverte de ce très joli blog... et des délicats travaux de Suzanne.

  3. This is stunning! I love it. And I like your choice of artist as well. Incredible colors!

  4. I love paper art. There is so much patience in it, I really wonder how they do it. Those are really beautiful colors!!
    Ahhh the forces at postal service once kept a letter I sent to my cousin in Canada THREE MONTHS!! A letter!

  5. the paper cuts are beautiful ... Polish are very famous for paper cut too so if you want I can send you some from here ... do let me know your postal address

  6. How gorgeous! THe whole thing!

  7. I can totally relate to this post. I just got a package my sister sent from Germany back in November. I thought for sure it was gone forever. Now it's Christmas in Jan.