Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Neighbors Mine

Before the Festive Season slips away entirely, can I share with you a little



some neighbors

of mine

observed it?

A Little of Everything + Pure Exuberance!


  1. Oh WOW! Now that's what I call exuberance, fabulousness and great fun! Thank you so much for sharing these photos with us, and to your neighbours too, what a cool house, very very cool indeed! Love Vanessa xxx

  2. People and their public Christmas displays fascinate me. In the old neighborhood I just left behind (and trying to block out of my memory) was a house that combined the love for Christmas and Disney. I called it, "Jesus and the seven dwarfs" - which is exactly what it was...

    Wowza! I like this one! Do they pick every single bit up after the holiday? I'd like to know more about these people - so interesting, (yes) the exuberant!

  3. hey all! i'm so not good at always responding to comments.....i took the pictures before the holiday and have not been back there since all of our rain. (can you imagine what it might look like - we had a lot of wind too!)

    but yes, otli - amazing and funny! and funny what you say janis about the trying to block out the OLD neighborhood. i am (as is my british husband) always amazed by the time people spend to decorate their homes at the holidays. in l.a. there are so many creative/movie types and such nice weather that there's even a little more of this all year round. and even people who aren't creative "professionals" seem to feel more free to express themselves like this. of course we have the latino influence too which has these kinds of exuberant decorating traditions. these people live about 3/4 of a mile from me so i don't know them personally but i will go back and see how it all looks now.....

  4. i like this... simple ans so cute..

  5. At first I is Carnival? Some strange Mexican, African, or even voodoo alter? Pretty great maam!

  6. MP - Don't you love the snowy Christms scenes on lawns in CA? I laughed when W.A. did a quick cameo of such a scene in Annie Hall. The old hood - just very average american types who identify too much with pop culture, their local sports team, and very very LOUD. Can anyone say recreational leaf blowers??? Yep, no place for me and D. Beautiful old neighborhoods, but hell on earth. See why I am so thankful to be outta there? It's so different here - I can almost kiss the ground!

  7. NO. WAY.
    This made my night. MADE. my night.