Sunday, January 30, 2011

Summer Fashion Preview

It's time!

Photo: Lina Baretti's private collection

for bandana halters and (what are we calling them these days - palazzos, elephant bells?) and flow-ey trousers to have their moment in the sun again!

NOW you know!  I (oops) did it again! 

Yes, I reinstated my World of Interiors subscription and inside the February 2011 issue, I found the wonderful jewelry of Lina Baretti (above left), made sometimes of glass, velvet, cork and straw.  Her work was embraced by the designers Elsa Schiaparelli and Cristobal Balenciaga.  Here, the blog Bibelotophile has posted pictures from the WOI spread.

Would you wear a bandana halter top?  Know anyone who has?


  1. oh you made me laugh! Thank you!

  2. I would if I had one :) & if we would have the right weather to go with it! We need to be just a little more patient (four months?)..

  3. You bet I would! Just not in Washington in January. :-)

  4. Palazzo pants, yes! Halter tops, no - I am always cold and have shy boobies :^)

  5. Halter top... well ... there was this dress I had about 30 years ago...OMG! it had a haltery top that was about as close as iI got to the real halter.
    Loved the dress... loved the fabric...
    lost the courage for such items too long ago!