Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lousy Way to Start a New Year

We had a very tragic weekend here in the states.  I cannot say enough about how discouraged I have become with a media and political atmosphere in the U.S. which, for almost two decades, has tolerated and promoted language and behavior by U.S. citizens against U.S. citizens of the most unfair and hysterical kind.  I don't think many people were actually surprised that the events of this weekend have come to pass.  I hope it serves as a reality check for all of us.  But I have to say that I am not too optimistic.  I feel that I can't post today without acknowledging the events in Arizona and honoring the good people who lost lives, and the grief of those who lost loved ones, in this awful (self-described) homegrown terrorist  attack.  I hope with all my heart for an excellent recovery for Congresswoman Gifford, and others injured Saturday in the Arizona shootings.  I hope with all my heart that such an event will never ever take place again, in my home country or yours.  But once again, I am not very optimistic.

The English have a very good word for the vicious cycle of wrong-headed thinking we in the U.S. seem to have become entrapped in:  "BLOODY-MINDEDNESS".

Whatever happened to civility, common sense and compassion?


  1. Une très belle année à toi aussi.
    Créative, enjouée et un peu folle pour sortir le meilleur de nous-même...
    Quel plaisir de visiter ton blog et toutes ces originalités... il donne envie de voyager.
    A très bientôt.
    PS Va voir mes autres blogs qui m'occupent aussi.

  2. Pour en revenir à ton post, il n'y a pas de solution pour régler la folie.
    Peut-on imaginer qu'il n'y ait plus d'armes aux U.S.A ? Ou dans le monde ? Peut-on imaginer qu'il n'y ait plus de pauvreté ?
    Il n'y a pas de remède miracle à la folie des hommes...

  3. What a tragic event Mlle P.....
    I was horrified to hear just a snippet of this news whilst away.
    Thank you for speaking out on this.

  4. Un sujet que je connais bien, sans trop vouloir m'étendre sur la question, et qui, comme pour toi, atteint quelquefois mon optimisme pourtant fort.

  5. I agree with Otli, but will say just that we have to go on and do our best, especially with and for children, who are tomorrow.

  6. Yes... sad. When will "stupidity" (is that a good enough word?) end?

    Just saw your previous posts. I love the colors! Sorry I have been a little away from the computer these days.

  7. I agree Mlle Paradis. It is a tragedy. I am so glad you have brought it up. Will talking about it change people's actions? I doubt it and also feel hopeless. But... thank you for being brave enough to say No to the action and love to the victims.

  8. I've been seeing so much gun violence in the news lately and noticed an extreme spike in CA and the nation even before this tragedy. Horrible. These people make me sick... what's going on here? The Right seems to be succeeding in whipping up these nut-jobs.

  9. Thanks everybody for commenting. I just feel that this is a very public activity that I'm taking part in, blogging, and even though I try to concern myself here mostly with pleasurable subjects, I am a serious person, trying to get on in the world as we all are, and I believe I have a responsibility to publicly reject the negative and irresponsible public behavior we see so much of lately. And I do believe that bad behavior has come from the political right.

    I agree that we can't solve the folly and stupidity that mankind is inclined to, but not SO long ago, the U.S. was better than this, and set a better example for the rest of the world. Because of our increasingly irresponsible behavior, we are now a BAD example. And less safe from extremists and stupidity both within and without.

    Mary, thanks for saying that I'm brave to speak out. All I can say is that there are people who want me to be afraid. And many of them aren't stupid. My fear would strengthen and serve them. I don't want to be made afraid and I hate myself when I let people frighten me. So I have to say something.

    And that something is mostly, YES! We can be better than this! And that's why I do Passage Paradis. To make a place to remember what is lost and hope I can inspire others to recreate it somehow, somewhere, and to have a place to discover what is wonderful, to honor and nurture and preserve those things so that we do have something of beauty and value to hand on to generations that follow us.

    Tomorrow, back to light hearted blogging about, you guessed it! FOOD!

  10. hey you, tell it like it is. we need to hear it. nazis germany was not that long ago, and it started the same way. you are right on the mark. so we can handle a little serious, it makes your blogging voice all the more deep, interesting, and passionate. take us where ever you want to go.

  11. Your response to the comments is so well said. Many cheers, and a big hug to you MP.