Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mom's Got a Few Things Lined Up

She'll be back with alot more to say for herself, soon!


  1. ohh, cannot wait to see what transpires!

  2. Quel que soit le séjour qu'elle s'apprête à faire, qu'elle en profite... Je sais qu'elle reviendra avec des trésors d'images et de mots ;)

  3. What a darling!
    Thanks for your comment. By the way, you are more than welcomed to us any photo you want from the blog. It would be an honor!
    Happy day!

  4. Could that be one of the handsomest felines on the planet... I think so! (And is that a line of furry and feathery chew-toys waiting to be destroyed?)

    Looking forward to what comes next!

  5. Oh... very curious MP! Im wondering just what will you bring back to us?
    What is your cat sitting there eyeing off I wonder?

    Very much like Donna Wilson's designs... and her green stockings. Yeah!
    hope you've had a great week.
    S x