Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Corner View - Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

My friend Polly and her hubby have been visiting us from England and they brought us a few little goodies.  Polly knows about the blog and knows that I am a huge fan of Liberty.  (Heaven for girls!)

So what did I get?  A couple of pics of the very latest of what's wonderful at Liberty.  Like splatter-glaze ceramics.  

Why are these stenciled galvanized tubs so alluring?

And looking at these lampshades, are you persuaded that your plain white ones at home are whispering something about how terribly boring you might be?  Are you feeling an irresistible impulse to get your felt tip markers out on those horrid boring things and change your life completely?

Why SHOULDN'T your lampshade be illustrated?

The textures and reflective gleaminess of these lamps have always fascinated me but I'm not sure I would choose them for my chez moi.  Would you?

And what does this lamp remind me of?  Something between jellyfish and caviar.  Maybe, again, not so much for me but....... 

Now these guys, I could be persuaded to bring them home with me.  So easier to take care of than my cats!  (Just a flick of the feather duster, Polly recommends.)

 So what do you say?  Have you ever been to Liberty?  What do think?  A place that has whatever tickles your fancy?  My answer would have to be emphatically in the affirmative!

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  1. I love the galvanized tubs!!! xo

  2. what a nice present.
    those jellyfish/caviar lamps are really cool too :)

  3. heard of liberty, but never seen it. I would love this store.

  4. it looks like an amazing place ... all their lamps are so great !!

  5. Wow beautiful stuff!! (and a good friend to bring you those pics :)

  6. Indeed, why shouldn't all lampshades be illustrated? You know, I didn't get libery at all when I lived in London centuries ago. Of course, I loved the building, but didn't appreciate what what inside!

  7. I don't know Liberty but now I entered its website, hum, I hope there is no way to order on line ;-)
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. those shades'n'foxes coloured into them? they don't half remind me of a stall on greenwich market... i love all of your shades by the way, and on that behalf i must be the most boring woman in the world, 'cause it's only just bulbs in this house. yes, of course, there's a (renov) reason for it, but besides boring, they get me down... oi!

  9. Never heard of Liberty, but I like the designs.

    I also like your post about the cottage with the garden. (How I wish I was part of a group of writers and painters, somehow I think it would be easier to stay focused in a group, especially in such beautiful surroundings.)