Sunday, October 9, 2011

Monday Bites - The Eveleigh, A Pleasant Place to Land

So what do you say to a hidden garden entrance steps from the Sunset Strip overhung with olive trees 

and scattered with rustic tables?

Inside, the Eveleigh is cool tones, spacious and comfortable seating.

Filtered light.  It has an old-world flavor, part New Orleans or New England tavern, part parts UK, part your favorite place in France.

If you don't get waylaid and end up spending your visit at the cooly marble topped bar enjoying an exotic sounding cocktail......

you can continue to the back of the restaurant, and end up eating well-but-simply somewhere that is neither outdoors nor in, overlooking almost all of West L.A.   The roof is made of "sailcloth", we'll describe it romantically, with cool breezes blowing through.

Unlike many other places in L.A., it is open all day long on the weekend and if you amble in

sometime after brunch and don't mind a seriously abbreviated menu, it's a lovely place to have to yourselves and catch-up with someone you really care about.  Strictly speaking, the Paradis' are not "Westside" people.  But the Eveleigh could yet become one of our very favorite places. 

Because it's not really very "Westside" either.  It's sort of something of an other world.  Should you ever alight in L.A.,  the Eveleigh would be a nice place to land.

Would I steer you wrong?


  1. it seems bright, lovely and "sympathique", indeed! Perfect for a beginning week!

  2. Oh this looks absolutely wonderful! Can I join you?

  3. The deco is so cool. Love the colours! I wish I could hang out there...