Thursday, October 20, 2011

London Fashion Fling

O.K. here are a couple of goodies I dug up.  Having my friend Polly with me reminded me of these from some past wanders around London we've had.  So just for fun, since it's Friday.

I don't suppose I'm quite the Sartorialist yet

but I do actually like street fashion snapping.

Sometimes you just come up on someone who has such great style.  And you might never see that look again!

Red trousers have always been "done" in Europe by a certain class of gents.

But what do we think about red leggings?  Would that be a yes?  Or a no?  Have a wonderful weekend everybody!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm wearing red pants today!:)
    I'm really bad at taking photos of people ...

  2. Alors, non au rouge tout court pour moi... mais il faut avouer que sur certaines personnes il est aussi agréable et surprenant à voir que tes photos ;)

  3. The second photo is charming! I am into this - keep going... xo

    p.s. red leggings and pants would be a no-no on me (the culo would look enormous)

  4. I was thinking about getting some red jeans...
    Love your Charleston post, and hadn't been to any of the recommendations either so that would be fun. When I went to Charleston last the gardener lived there and slept in the kitchen, which I thought carried on the spirit of the place. Apart from the elitist incestuousness of it (!) I love the whole idea of the Bloomsbury group. Creative thinkers all getting together and in such different fields too.

  5. ps Just getting my past Passage Paradis fix for the last week and a half. You are really great at describing, picturing and conveying atmospheres of places. Your Venice beach posts were really interesting.