Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Parallel Existence (A Gratitude Post)

I know that I am not the only person in today's world who has these feelings

about the furry and four legged who walk among us.

Joyful shadows.

They serve our vanities, our caprices, and faithfully tolerate

our excesses.

Sometimes they even seem braver than us.  So why do we so feel like we need to protect THEM?

Is it because they wait?  Because they seem capable of a much greater patience and loyalty and forgiveness than we are?  And they make us feel terribly terribly grateful?

I'm guessing............something like that!

*****  We lost two "Aquarians" today (Wed.).  Steve Jobs and Fred Shuttlesworth both came of age in the 60's and 70's and made "a dent in the universe".  We live on the shoulders of giants.

From Wikipedia:
On December 25, 1956, unknown persons tried to kill Shuttlesworth by placing sixteen sticks of dynamite under his bedroom window. Shuttlesworth somehow escaped unhurt even though his house was heavily damaged. A police officer, who also belonged to the Ku Klux Klan, told Shuttlesworth as he came out of his home, "If I were you I'd get out of town as quick as I could". Shuttlesworth told him to tell the Klan that he was not leaving and "I wasn't saved to run."



  1. Yes... I was touched by the lost of Steve Jobs --I had my first computer as an undergrad, the first Mac computer actually... Have been faithful since! and bout four legged ones... I think my little two and half two-legged one is more than we need these days! Many kisses!

  2. Steve Jobs was one of the most creative man of the 50 last years. I fall in Love with Apple 25 years ago. The brand offered me my first job and i work on a Macintosh since 1988...
    Adieu l'ami.

  3. what an interesting collection of photos - the one with the ladies and the black cats is, well, "excessive" for sure!

  4. Steve Jobs..un génie c'est éteint...c'est bien les dames et leur chats noirs impressionnant...!

  5. Hurrah for our furry friends! Love the travel-agent hound, resting his chin on the radiator as he watches the world go by..

    RIP Steve Jobs and Fred Shuttlesworth.