Monday, October 17, 2011

Venice Beach, Part Three - A Little Bit of Beautiful

Who wouldn't want to live here?  (Maybe not the Paradis family, we've decided that water is not our friend.)

but we can't say we haven't been tempted.  (Would you be?)

You have the sunshine glimmering on the water.  And the mountains in the distance.

The ocean at your doorstep.

And any kind of house you could wish for to live in.

Celebrity neighbors.  (Click to find out who.)  Dennis Hopper and Julia Roberts have just "moved out".

Life can be a little lo-key, if you want to live it that way.

Or you can be a little showy.

But no, not really in that Beverly Hills kind of way.

Of course you might have to put up with the "common slop of humanity" constantly trudging past your windows and quite frequently peering straight in to see what you're up to today.............but HEY!  it's a price you pay for Paradise.

You should be so lucky!



  1. Your photos are stunning and your commentaries well... precious! You should think about a book with all your takes. Really!

  2. Wow, I would love a spot like this for a vacation home. :-)