Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October on Venice Beach Part Two - Other Side of Paradise

You might already know that Venice Beach has a reputation for being free-wheeling

and let's be frank, a little bit "out there".  So one can never be surprised by what one might find.

Whether what you find might be.......the bemused (yes the third guy also had a camera hung around his neck)

the burdened (no kidding!  this guy's wife was also pushing another cutey-pie pit bull in a baby stroller while all their little kids walked!  sorry!  did not get that picture!)

the babes, 

the beautiful, if bewildered

the be-turbaned (!?) (bewhiskered too, goes without saying)

the befuddling

 the bogeymen.....(have I mentioned how terrifying clowns are to Mr. Paradis?)

The B-a-a-a-d-d-d?  (ummm, yes - looking closely, those are horns!)

the boards.........

the bikini'ed!!!!!!!!

Whatever you find, it could be, that after all that personal style, your basic graffiti, sushi, and texting would seem like a welcome return to "reality".

Which side of Paradise would you choose? 


  1. Hum! Oh my... what to say... the only thing we seem to have in common is the color of the sky. Beautiful deep bleu... The sea is simply so far away (and California madness as well! Now, a little shaking up around here wouldn't do any harm!)

  2. my goodness... what a collection of candid shots you have here. such variety of people too. looks like a little bit of madness :)

  3. I think I would love to sit there and watch for hours ...

  4. Funky! The 'creepy clown' is the only one who expected to have his picture taken, but your subjects were all good performers! (thx for poking around my place. It does a world of good to get a comment on St Tyl!!!)

  5. I laughed at this, did we go there the same day or are those BE-zarre people there every week-end?