Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ice Cream Colors

So this is not a Monday Bites post, but here are some bits and bobs I found last week that made me smile.  Hope they have the same effect on you.

 Shinji Ohmaki

I found these both at Hidden in France.   Love the ice-creamey, tutti-frutti

Emma Lamb

colors and the tactile qualities of both "art pieces".  The bottom one inspires me to teach myself how to crochet over my coming Christmas vacation.  Instead of, you know, sitting around idle and half comatose after too much rich food and in front of a T.V. packed with bad holiday programming.  

These are SO sweet and so original.  If you are thinking about Christmas too, and stocking stuffers......?

 renilde de peuter who blogs at atswimtwobirds

Renilde de Peuter always amazes me.   She does such subtle delicate things that whisper SO substantially and forthrightly.  These are also crocheted (who knew?)   Again, a little like brain-freeze when you're eating ice cream, cool-ey refreshing yet so deliciously warm.

Ricardo DeAratanha photographer for the LA Times

............and from the L.A. Times, her name is Eva Luna and this is the paddling pool at her newly renovated house in Los Feliz, Los Angeles.  Lucky girl.  I think I might ask Santa for one of these!  Or at least an invitation to her house.

It's not quite ice-creamy - except for the strawberry sorbet walls in the backround, but with the temperature in Pasadena today at 89 degrees, a paddling pool in these crisp cooling patterns would have been just the thing! Apologies to all of you who haven't had power all weekend and got snowed on in the Northeast of the U.S.!   Might these pics take your mind a little off your miseries? 


  1. Oh lovely! You brought beautiful pastels to my day as it seems it will be grey and bitterly cold!!!! Many kisses for the new week!

  2. My house is pretty boring too when it comes to colors on the wall; however, I always thought it might be fun to have a room that was Tiffany box blue. Have a happy week1

  3. nice collection. i think that's a hooked rug - something I've always wanted to have a go at.