Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hello to everyone and Happy New Year!  It's so delicious to be back.  We got off a plane on Friday from snowy cold wet dark-ish England where we spent most of our Christmas in many layers of sweaters and socks, fleece (even in bed since the English still resist indoor heat fairly emphatically!) and heavy boots.  Yesterday in L.A. was like eating one giant hot fudge sundae.  We could still feel the chill in our bones and brain freeze in our heads, but had a toasty sun warming our skin.  We had to peel off sweaters and our neighbors were LITERALLY sunbathing half naked on their decks.  (!!!!!!!!!!!! - Shivers of Pleasure.)

Hubby and I had a lovely time despite the cold in old Angleterre, funny visits with old friends and family and at least two full days of forgetting that we had jobs, cats, cars that need fixing, and computers - and we just slept and wandered and looked at and ate and drank tasty things.  Hope you all had at least a few such moments too.  As short and fleeting as they are, they do a world of good.

Thanks to everybody who stopped by with Christmas and New Year wishes.  It's been really wonderful getting to know you all in the marvelous universe of BLOG.  I'm not a person for New Year's resolutions but Passage Paradis has certainly been impetus for new and various sorts of commitments, and there is much happiness in the incentive you provide me to persist.  So thanks for your inspiration and openness, generosity and ingenuity.

Milles bisous and............PEACE OUT!


  1. GORGEOUS photo and welcome back! :-) I look forward to the treasures you will share in the months ahead. :-)

  2. ...oh. so that's where you were hiding. I hope we get to see pictures soon. I know what you mean about LA... practically obscene all this blue sky :-) Happy new years to you and your family of cats (and your man too) I look forward to more of your optimistic posts and images, you life-eater you!

  3. hello! welcome back ! what an incredible photo! really stunning... thanks for your kind wishes and looking forward to your postings throughout this new year. kenza.
    pd: yes the warmth of a cup in the hands is such a special feeling...

  4. what a gorgeous shot- happy new year to YOU, and you should know what a joy it is for me to open up P.P. each morning and savor your sumptuous photos and thoughtful musings.

    bug hugs and here's to a fabulous 2010-

  5. Welcome home Mlle Paradis,
    It must be such a contrast for the bleak cold of England to come back to LA!

    lovely to find a message waiting from you today... as i wrote in response to your comment... Skye Gyngell... you have eaten her food... lucky you - what did you taste?

    Looking forward to seeing what you will have up your sleeve this year for us...Its ben so lovely to visit since i found you a few months ago!

    I am going slow at the moment followed by holiday...january will be quiet on the blog front...but back after that with lots of energy no doubt!

    ciao....and a wonderful fulfilling 2010 to you and your beloveds!

  6. Happy new year... I wish I could find similar feves in France... I must admit I did not search properly though....

  7. Oh hello everyone! Nice to see you all! I'm running off to the Apple store to figure out why my battery is not charging but hopefully it will be a quick fix and I'll be back in the blog business 100%. Do something wonderful while I'm away!

  8. I hope that you had a very happy new year!

  9. Happy New Year - hope you have a most excellent 2010! That is an absolutely stunning image (such beautiful colours) and it gave me a much needed burst of warmth - ta!
    (And to answer your picture size question in the next post - your image sizes aren't a problem for me, and don't seem to slow things down at all...)