Sunday, January 17, 2010

LOVE NEEDS LOVE - Song for Haiti

Heard this song on the radio in L.A. yesterday.  It seeemed just the right song for Haiti in this moment.  I can't get it out of my head, it is so heartfelt and so right.  Even my cat (who loves music) seems mesmerized by it.  Some day I will have to post just about Stevie Wondah!

Is it just me, and am I terribly naive to hear and see in the papers so much concern about LOOTING when people are, have been and are likely for quite some time to come in the most horrific situation imaginable?  No, really, the most! To describe what people are now doing after 5 days in the hot hot sun with no help, food, water or medical care cannot in good conscience be characterized as "looting".  If all they were interested in doing was looting, wouldn't that have started four days ago?  What would you do in their place? 

Can I put xenophobia (OK I DO MEAN RACISM!) back into this mix?  Why is this all that Robert Gates, our Defense Secretary, could talk about two days ago?  "Looting and violence."  HELLO! PRIORITIES?!  (Tens of thousands already in mass graves and you're worried about looting?)

Here's a link from Partners in Health in case you are interested in some better news.  (Did you know that Madonna - always smart biz-and-money-wise gave $250K to Partners in Health?)  Please note they will be changing their updates to a "Stand with Haiti" site.  

Also FIY:

“Partners in Health provides the best quality of care that I've witnessed in the third world. We had three staff members visit their Haitian hospital complex last year,” said Tim Kunin, CEO of The Hunger Site and GreaterGood Network. Currently, every purchase at The Hunger Site and other GreaterGood Network stores will create an extra donation for PIH’s efforts.


This picture is for Mary Ann Moss over at 

a wonderful blogger who's just come back from Merida in Mexico where's she's been falling in love (again it seems) with tile.  I know about that tile sickness.  I have a little of that too.  This photo is actually of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana's Sicilian "Paradis de Fantaisies" from the December 03-January 04 Marie Claire Maison.  Photo: Mai-Linh.

Hope you like it Mary Ann!

********!!!!!!!********  OH AND P.S. EVERYONE:  For more cheering, stop by Barbara's blog for a really fun Vampire Weekend video and some more multi-colored cakes (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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