Thursday, January 21, 2010

Transporting Spaces

All Saints, shop window.  Portobello Road.  Christmas Day 2009

They sell clothes.  Not sewing machines. 

Still a little too distracted to focus on a proper post.  So here are a few little things that always get me in the solar plexus.  And don't demand too much from me as far as getting them out to you.

Paola Navone:  she is an Italian designer/decorator who lives, works between Milan and China.  I love everything she does.  If she were a painter she would be a conceptualist and do a lot of systems paintings.  She is extremely rigorous in imposing order by groupings of things and limiting her color palette.  And playing with scale. It's a way of showcasing their subtle differences and special qualities.  She seems very interested in the lines of the pieces she chooses and their playful sculptural forms.  If she played an instrument you would have to call what she does world music.  Now why do I like her so.....??????  Chinese influences,....Italian......hmmmmmm


This would be a great party or work space.

However for hubby and me, a little cozy room at the back with deep sofas with high sides to pass out in would be a definite requirement.   Did you also notice the juicy berry red accents that give the whole room that special reckless sparkle?  This space appeared in Marie-Claire Maison sometime in the past 3-5 years.  I will yet get to proper credit giving!

I was going to post something else but I'm reminded that I had a bit of a technical glitch a little while back and those images won't upload.  Have to have someone cleverer than me sort that out for once and for all when he gets home.

So instead here's a little something that has been glinting at me from my I-photo albums all week.  We're well past the season now but the little glimmer of light - some silver, some gold and the formal geometries of the balcony and the potted trees feels reassuring and like a bit of a pick-me-up.

Thanks so much to all of you who've left comforting and encouraging thoughts.  Can't tell you how much it helps.  I've also had a great response from people here in L.A. so think I'm on the right track at least, Dr.-wise.  Meanwhile the Mongol Prince remains so solid, silky, placid and loving that's it's just mind-boggling to consider that we are where we are.  Tomorrow a.m. first visit with the specialist.  I know your thoughts are with me.  Thanks mes filles!  (With all my heart.)

*  And to do my part in breaking down those awful stereotypes about greater affinities girls might have for cats and  boys for dogs, so far, ALL the men in my life have been telling me: "Go for it, empty the checkbook and make sure you keep hold of that Mongol Prince for at least another two years!" 



  1. mmm... thank you for convincing me that I need more teal-y green in my life, and maybe a black and white striped chair. Sometimes I just need my priorities set straight again, you know? :) :)

    Hope you're well...

  2. Beth: Is it those green vases on the wall and the green glass??? I know!

    And yes. Priorities. Not an easy one.

    Thanks for your good wishes. Today was a much better day.