Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Impromptu Post: Color and Corine

Picture 9
I borrowed this image from an old post of Corine's at Hidden in France (and sorry, can't attribute it beyond that).  And there is a fairly rambling explanation behind why I now post it.  First I will say that I ADORE Indian and Persian miniatures for their color, their delicacy, the way they organize space across the picture plane (across the surface of the picture for those of you who did not take art history), for their abstraction married to the very particular and specific renderings that inconsistently present themselves in the picture - of faces, hair, leaves and fruit in trees, animals, water, fireworks.  If you have a good museum nearby that has a collection of these miniatures, I urge you to go see them. They are endlessly rewarding.  And represent little intact worlds that are now quite lost to us.  They also don't photograph or reproduce terribly optimally which is a big reason why they should be seen in person.  Take your reading (or magnifying) glasses!  They are tiny, tiny, some of them.  And they can't be overlit or they will fade.

So I was dallying online even though I should let my computer rest and recharge.  It is for me today a restless day because my Number One Boy The Mongol Prince (sorry Hubby) was diagnosed yesterday with lymphoma. (I WAS SO excited about this New Year 2010, but so far......NOT so good.) If anybody has been through this please get in touch with me, I'm not sure quite what I'm in for and of course in shock.  Except for the obvious, but we ARE considering chemo.  I lost my last boy at ten, was really hoping we'd have BB for very much longer.

SO:  Ally a wonderful blogger at  "From the Left Bank" was talking about a windfall from her Mom of dark traditional furniture and how to integrate it into a fresher color scheme in her new house.  I don't really blog about decorating but that doesn't mean that I am not and have not been, for much of my life JUST AS OBSESSED as ANYBODY ELSE!!!!!  I DO make suggestions on other peoples' sites, busy-body that I am.  So I told Ally to check out the dazzling and original Amy Butler's site where Amy did such a great job of marrying dark, color and light without everything just turning to mud-sludge - in her own home.  Sadly, heading to Amy's site to confirm that of which I speak - the pictures of her home are not as great as I remember them - that happens, less impact/less surprise when you've been there before I guess.  Anyway, I thought there used to be better ones.  I was sure Corine had posted some of Amy's Christmas decorating which was gorgeous with lots of shimmery-silvery blues, and greens against some dark furniture and ALOT of white.  But I did not find it under either Decorating or Fabric.  So does ANYBODY KNOW where it showed up sometime last year?  And if you do, you could tell Ally?  I printed the pics out but it's good to know they're tucked away somewhere on the web.

NOW, FINALLY.  It stormed here for a second day today, so much so that just about 12:30 we got hit by a HUGE CLAP of thunder that knocked vases off of shelves (!!!!!!?????? - earthquake - or....THUNDER?) and forced cats scurrying upstairs, downstairs and under furniture.  The sky is a little clearer in it's aftermath I know not why - I espy even now a patch of blue - but I digress.  But guess what it will probably resume.  The rain. Today. And surely tomorrow and probably Thursday and Friday too.

But I don't mind because I've just been reminded I have HIdden in France and its tangy, sweet, images of ethereal refreshing turquoises and piquant berry reds.  If your eyes need refreshing and awakening and a break from all the snowy white or all the rainy gray you must go there!  As I did.  Click on Decorating or Fabrics....and just...let...go.................

Whatever little troubles and routines  and conundrums that are weighing on you or pulling you sideways will melt away.  If only for a moment.


  1. I have not got any direct experience to share with you Mlle Paradis...but I am staggered to read your post and hear about Number One Boy and so I am sending best thoughts to you I can muster and heartfulness and strength whilst you work this through.
    Hugs to all at your lovely abode,
    S xxx

  2. I am also staggered, and am also unable to give any useful or practical advice. I am however thinking lots of positive thoughts and sending good, healing vibes to both of you - I hope they reach you across the vast oceans and land masses. Strength and peace xx

  3. oh, sweet thang, i'm so sorry about your wee mongol prince. there are few things in life more heartbreaking than the illness or death of a beloved pet. even the word "pet" doesn't do our four-leggeds justice.

    my parents had to put my childhood horse down two weeks before my wedding (i wrote about it in my very first blog post), and although i'll never truly get over it i have moved past it, if that makes any sense.

    having grown up on a farm i'm a realist when it comes to animal death. i think that as humans we have the amazing power to help improve the quality of life of an animal, but also the difficult responsibility of having to make the choice to end that life if the animal is suffering. it's such an incredibly personal choice; some say do whatever possible to extend the animal's life, some say let it live out it's natural life and put it down when the animal begins to suffer. sigh. i'm somewhere in the middle: do what you can to make kitty comfortable, but make sure you are making each decision for the CAT, not the humans who love the cat. of course, these are all decisions you will have to make with hubby and your vet, but whatever you decide, i am fully supportive and sending you lots of love and positive thinking.

    big hugs,

  4. I'm so behind in reading posts that I missed the lovely mention. Thank you paradise princess