Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Visual Relief - Why Red is Important

Why is Red important?  Because it just makes us FEEL GOOD.  And somehow it just keeps turning up.    That's a good thing.

Vittoriano Rastelli 1992, Copyright Palm Press Inc.

Here's a post about the children that I think I might be.......

Jan Le Witt and George Him, 1938 for Transport for London; Umpen Editions

Lovely things that I have happened to see.

Polito's Menagerie Lead-glaze earthenware Staffordshire 1830; Victoria and Albert Museum

The fanciful circus of life.

The marvel of what a hand and eye can make a thing to be.

Maharana Swarup Singh of Mewar at Holi - probably by "Tara"; opaque watercolor and gilt on paper 1851; Maharana Mewar Charitable Foundation

First and last pictures - lying around the house.

Middle pictures seen in London at the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Conran Shop

You recognize the J. Crew ad, don't you? And Pink counts as Red. YES!

Tomorrow I will post the credits.  Now I have to get ready for it.  (Tomorrow.)  Bonne Nuit a tout le Monde.  Faites des Beaux Reves.


  1. hello dearest: I read all your recent postings. a little something for you on my blog. my way of saying I am here with you. Kenza.

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog and about to read more of these lovely posts!! I love your blog!! xo

  3. I absolutely agree. Red IS important, and it does actively make you feel good. Our house had a red door when we bought it, which was not the only selling point, but it certainly didn't hurt! I went on to paint the kitchen Chinese laquer red. It took many long days and many carefully-mixed layers to get it right...but it was oh so worth it. I still love it.

  4. Hello and belated happy new year! Thanks so much for checking out my site and the kind comments. I'm enjoying your posts and photos - the Hawaiian homes and today's post especially. I too have red on the brain this week, maybe subconsciously looking for something to counteract the gray weather...

  5. hello! thanks for your visit and such kind words. I have to admit that he has my eyes, but everything else is papa caramel! even the character, sweet and gentle. stay well and keep on smiling. writing your blog and letting all that energy out will do you good. share, this is the best way, we are here for you even if through the ether-net. hugs, kenza.

  6. I love that top picture. Speaks to my enormous sweet tooth.

  7. Caroline, Firball and Thomas - Thanks so much for stopping by! I think we all are doing much the same kind of thing but in our own special ways. That's the great thing about this cyber soup! Thomas, loved your Cambodia posts and so impressed how you hit the ground running as soon as you got back. Plane rides do give one time to ruminate!

    And yes Kenza, apparently we just can't keep any of it to ourselves! Despite challenges. (More at La Tulipe. xoxo)

    Maia - A red door. Almost bought a house in Hawaii with a red front door - with lychee trees in the back. BUT THAT IS A WHOLE OTHER STORY! Now your red kitchen, that is something I'd like to see, you have been holding out on us.

  8. Oh I can tell blogging's got you now!

    Love red, and love this post and would LOVE to own the jacket.