Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, Old Year?

I have to admit, being back, I am SO much more about being warm - and the colors and sensations of my last greeney-bluey-gold post.  It is hard for me to contemplate the cold and dark of blighty again.  But I did bring back some pics which will take me a little while to organize. Some I will save for the next lead-up to Christmas because the pictures of the Christmas lights really do get me in the mood!

These WERE taken last Thursday but they are a little neither here, nor there.  A different time and place entirely.

You can visit these windows at The Angel in the Lake, a Sam Smith's pub where Marylebone Village begins.

And tell me you guys, I only have a laptop - are my pictures too big on your big screens?   Does it slow things down to have to look through such big pictures?  Let me know!  Cheers!


  1. Doesn't slow. Please post more. Love them!!

  2. stained glass windows are so pretty, I might have to out and find these ones


  3. Just what the weatherman ordered. Sitting here in DC, this fourth day in a row of crazy-strong winds and 20s temps. Imagining being somewhere warm -- somewhere warm with architecture. One thought: These remind me of New Orleans shotgun shacks. Love 'em.

  4. P.S. Comment above belongs to Jan. 5 post. Blogs are so tricky!

  5. scraps of life - my response for jan 5 is for you too. meanwhile, more sun coming! d.c. sounds cold! brrrrrrrr! oh and yes, shotgun houses, similar feel if not identical. but houses with soul and history and designed to let the sun and the breeze in.