Friday, January 15, 2010

Two Scoops Not One?

A break from the tropical - - - - - - - -

SCOOP NUMBER ONE:  So I haven't been holding out on you all.  (Just enjoying being sunny.)  But it's true I do have a scoop.  You haven't heard this anywhere else - HAVE YOU?!!!!?)   Fiona at the fabulous blog Cafe Cartolina did a post on wallpaper this week asking "Is it OVER?"  With this new addition to choices I kind of think not.

Yes. WALLPAPER.  (I would not want to be the person given the job of lining up all the panels.)

Of all places (instead of say, the Rug Company, where this design is available in carpets and needlepoint cushion as many of you Anglophiles know) this Vivienne Westwood design looks to be exclusively available so far through John Lewis (or Peter Jones for those of you shopping at Sloane Square).  Now my husband the Brit is so ho-hum about this concept.  He just doesn't get it.  But he is in the minority.  I love this design particularly for the distressing and how the blue is quite lavender-ey.  Again one of those genius designs that would NOT work especially on this scale with my color scheme or decorating.  But what a great statement.  Unfortunately, when this is OVER it will be SO OVER.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves.


THE SECOND LONDON ANTHROPOLOGIE STORE is apparently due to open this spring on the King's Road in the old Antiquarius space (the green and white confection where Guinevere Antiques* used to be.)  The whole space has been gutted and there is a big sign on the hoarding announcing Anthropologie's second coming.  It is at the corner of Flood Street right across from the Chelsea Cinema, the Trafalgar Pub and Waitrose.  Tube Stop:  Sloane Square or South Kensington (equidistant).

NOW YOU KNOW!  Happy Shopping!

*  Guinevere has moved very much further down the Kings Road and is now more accessible via the Parsons Green Tube Station - across Eel Common.  And closer to Chelsea Harbour Design Center.


  1. love the text!!! thanks for your visit and your kind comment. have a wonderful week end! kenza.

  2. Yes you're right when this is over it will be totally over. Cross fingers it will be a while - I have the cushion in my office and I love it!

  3. well excited about anthropologie!
    opposite waitrose so no more grocery shopping with the parents!