Thursday, January 7, 2010

Present Life Regression - Gratuitously Cute

Could this be you?


  1. oh! too cute! lovely really. thanks! kenza

  2. thanks for the kind note on petit caramel! by the way it is cold in delhi with the cold swooping down from the himalayas -- about 5 degrees c. and below at night, with a high of 15 during the day - this makes it very cold as the houses are not equipped for this kind of weather and of course, the heart breaking thing, are the many people with so little on them... kenza

  3. oh thank you Kenza for putting me right. i do remember now reading the weather reports about how people are NOT doing well in India in this unusual cold. i remember especially in N. Delhi the people living on the streets near janpath and they only have thin clothes, barely wrappings. it's very hard to live in India i'm guessing to see this ALL the time and feel that there is so much suffering that you are able to do so little about.

    i'll stop gloating so much about being warm. i am very well aware of what a blessing it is.