Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mieke Willems and Surprises

Found via Deborah at KickCan and Conkers.  These can be purchased at Mieke Willems' website.  Mieke has a blog and a webshop and lives in Belgium.

The balls are made by "Gina" and inside them are little vintage goodies.  Each ball has different things inside.  Could you open one?  I couldn't.  I just couldn't.  I asked Mieke permission to post this picture and she generously said yes. She says that Gina is "very nice".  

I'm off to get my car fixed.  Would much rather be doing something else - like hanging out with you!


  1. I'd rather hang out with you too than get my car fixed, but I'd rather get my car fixed than get a tooth fixed.

    I couldn't bear to open one of those treasures either. I have the same problem cutting into really beautiful cakes, too.

    And you are just my kinda girl, with the needing to staple tiny expensive gizmos to our sleeves for fear of losing them. I've only had the hi-Phone for a few weeks now, and I haven't lost it yet simply out of good luck, which is sure to run out at some point.


  2. i like these. Reminds me a bit of which I also like.

  3. I blogged these too - those colours are wonderful and the thought of all those vintage goodies inside, well, takes me back to being a child :)