Thursday, April 8, 2010

Apple Shop Layers

And speaking of good design.  Does your local Apple Store have these in their windows?

I think it is such a great idea.  Talk about layering textures, patterns, colors, shapes.  I would love to do something similar in my house.  We did do something with this idea, but more 2-D, i.e., flat against a wall.  I want to tweak it a bit, so I won't show you yet.   This is also pretty green, lo-budget and earthquake impervious.  I do love the rounded corners.  I think they really help to blend all the pieces together.  Sharp corners just don't work the same way and they get dog-eared inevitably, don't they?

So don'tcha love it.  A post about Apple that hasn't even mentioned that fancy new product they have!

How many of you would buy one?  How many of you HAVE bought one?  

Have a good Friday.  Here comes a big old weekend lurching into view again!  YES!


  1. Very keen to see more of your creations MP - small, large, fun, serious... whatever...
    There's only one big (mall) apple store in the city where i live... new... nothing like what you have posted when I last looked!... i'd better sell lots of paintings before I go look there and think of purchasing anything.
    Got my lovely mac baby at home - it keeps me busy! I have a brother who thinks it hysterical that I have it sitting up quite high on a narrow table against a wall so i can look out the window onto the tennis court next door, sit back and look straight ahead like its a picture on the wall without barelylooking up at all!... and when i am at the large table behind where i often paint i can watch films and whatever very comfortably! As does having an on-screen image and painting/drawing it from my table. .

    have a great weekend...
    its here again... phew!

  2. Apple is the best brand by far. They really know how to give an outstanding customer experience.

  3. great idea ... I keep it in mind (and thanks for your comment about Wielki theatre, it was a great and new experience for me)