Monday, April 19, 2010

Chelsea Flower Show

Tickets are still available for the Chelsea Flower Show, May 25-29, 2010 in London.  Here's the link to the Royal Horticultural Society which sponsors it.  In the upper right hand side you can purchase tickets right away, lower below gives you a quick idea what's still available as far as dates.  It's not too late to book!

Since we ARE talking London, a sunhat/sunscreen AND umbrella would be good to bring along, as well as a nice packed lunch and cold drinks.  (I recommend a crayfish and arugula sandwich from Pret-a-Manger on the Kings Road or CHOCOLATES from the Artisan Chocolatier nearby on I think, Sloane Street.  Otherwise, there are food trucks but the lines are long. )  You should check the site to see if they allow you to bring lightweight-foldout seating 'cause last time I was there, there wasn't enough seating.  Short of that, wear comfortable shoes and be ready to have a long day on your feet.  There WILL be security checks.  And you might spot an English gardening celebrity!  There are plenty of nice restaurants on the Kings Road and Pimlico Road for dinner afterwards.  (See my post about the Orange Tree Pub.) Which you will REALLY appreciate with a cool refreshing bottle of wine.

And if you go don't forget to come back and tell me all about it!


  1. How stunningly gorgeous!!! One day I will go to this. :-)

  2. beautiful flower photos,
    I heard about the Chelsea Flower show from a friend who is from England and now lives near me in Japan. First time I've seen images from there.
    Thanks for bright and colorful view.

  3. What a treat! thank you for this. The colors, composition, all of it enchanting! and well who can resist flowers...

  4. Fabulous indeed Mlle Paradis!
    Things I have NEVER seen... like those green flowers with black centres ... and brown delphiniums!
    I even dragged a family member to the screen to look at these!
    And thanks for lovely messages!

  5. Hi everybody! Thanks for coming by! You know I had to share these pics - it would have been criminal to keep them to myself!

  6. Oooooh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS flowers... FAB photos!

  7. I love this show - such fun. Thanks for the reminder, because I think I'm going to try and go now.

  8. Oh dear, these pictures of flowers making me feel so lifting! So refreshing! Thanks for showing them.
    Cheers, Kristy