Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I discovered Mary Fedden recently in England.  She was a teacher at the Slade, which is an art school in London.  And had David Hockney as a student.  She was married to painter Julian Trevelyan.  At 94 years old, she still lives in Chiswick, London, a wonderful place where I've also lived.  She is a Member of the Royal Academy, who provide an official biography for her here.

There is something about the way she renders flowers that makes them deliciously startling in her paintings.  What do you think?

There you go Sophie!  You weren't imagining it!


  1. they are wonderful. now i want to learn more about her. p.s. your spring photos are lovely:)

  2. Thanks MP!

    It was so bizzare...thsi ist showed upo in my blosglist in the sidebar this morning but not on your blog when i clicked over. Ive seen a little of her work before, though not in real life, and I was excited to see more and could not work out what was happening!
    That top painting is greece is it not?
    Her colours and her subjects... intimate warm but nothing samey and tired about her compositions and colours....
    just a delight !
    thanks for the inspiration MP.
    Off up the coast for show...back monday...enjoy your weekend,

  3. It's her use of colour I like here, especially in the second painting.

  4. I love her work, fabulous colour and context.

    Rock on Mary, i say!

    Great story.

  5. I received a book on Mary Fedden for my Birthday, her work is wonderful, she has a very clear language going on there, and a happy message, love it. Love vanessa xxx