Friday, April 30, 2010

Pale and Interesting Friday

So these are the pieces that initially inspired my "Pale and Interesting" series.  Thanks to Camilla for permission to post hers and Per Agelii's.  They are all different but the same in spirit.  I got a little shiver from each because of their simplicity. The immediacy that they embody in their mode of construction, which gives the forthrightness that I mentioned in previous Pale and Interesting post.  Their restraint.  Their delicacy.  They seem to describe a journey of exploration.  And all are ultimately, considerably sophisticated.

Sculptural "sketches" from his studio above, by Per Agelii via Camilla Engman

via amy at all the mountains, Latvian artist, Mara Skujeniece at skujeniece

Camilla's own work from her site a little while ago.


  1. I'm enjoying your pale and interesting series, Paradis! :-) Even the strawberries delighted me. :-) SO unusual!

  2. Yes me too really enjoying this subdued series! The creations on the last photo are amazing. thanks for this and have a lovely week end!

  3. glad you all are liking this one. i think that inevitably it will be revisited. there is something so compelling in "pale". i guess it just makes you slow down and look a little harder. or it's easier to look longer. hmmm, will have to think about that. cheers! great weekend to all!