Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mr.'s Paradis

OK so Nurse Jackie is gone again, for anybody who had that brief encounter with her.  I just had to make myself laugh, in lieu of crying.  I don't know how all you parents out there do it.  I know my cat concerns are small potatoes by contrast.  Meanwhile, I WAS deeply horrified by all the syringe paraphernalia.  If I extend my one small cat's troubles to a whole world full of them, the plastic syringes with their surgical steel needles (which I in fact was NOT required to plunge subdermally into my baby - Whew!) multiplied a bazillion times is a graphic representation of a universe full of troubles and a universe's full plate of troubles when I consider the "hazardous waste disposal" involved.  !!!!!

So onto lighter things......Mr. Paradis thought that HIS I-phone picture of the wisteria was better than mine, which I posted previously.  What do you think?   He also feels you should know that he took the photos of the Bonzai Vending Machine and the Fatburger (with art direction and post-production by Mlle Paradis!)  Ah yes!  Such a talented guy I married.  And now the record is straight, I feel much better.

So hope all are having a good week so far.  I may be a bit late on the Corner View this week but I am thinking of you!

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