Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dinner Table Conversation

Pierre Bonnard, "Reflecting on the Day" 1924

I'm cooking for company again this weekend!  What about you?  Hope it's good and that you get caught up in all the best ways!


  1. What're you cooking??
    Weekends are weekdays for us, so no "friday" until monday.

  2. What time is dinner?! Have fun entertaining. This weekend is going to be wet for us- lots of rain coming our way. xo

  3. Bonjour Melle Paradis,
    Je viens vous remercier de votre visite et de votre gentil commentaire, cela me touche beaucoup.
    J'espère pouvoir rencontrer Maman Caramel et son petit Caramelo...
    Très belle soirée et bon week-end

  4. thanks again everybody for popping in! sorry about the rain joyce. i have family out that way, illinois has had more than it's fair share lately.

    i'm going to do a cheater's version of coulibiac maia. ever had that? i do it with phyllo. if i'm not totally nuts, maybe i'll take a picture and post it. have a good one all!

  5. I went to the Venice market and bought green asparagus and grilled them .. delicious. I also went to the Antique show at the Hangar on airport rd, Santa Monica. Great fun!

  6. I enjoyed being company and cooking for company:-) I also posted about that on my blog!

  7. Hi Ladies - delayed response to your comments here! Hope it was a good weekend! Nice to see you Maryam, and Laura hope you're having a great time in L.A. Sounds like it so far! But I think you have had some practice in landing somewhere in the world and making it a party! So wonderful!