Monday, April 5, 2010

OK I Couldn't Resist This

Spring makes me think of tea on the lawn.  Or morning coffee in the kitchen with the sun pouring in an open window. Or the summer nights that are to come.  With the whole family outside on chairs in the dark.  Little children on grownups' laps.  Gentle conversation.  Fizzy beers that tickle your nose.  Ice clinking in soft drink glasses.  Fireflies.

Roll on Summer!

What are your favorite memories of nights when the weather turns warm?  Have you ever lived anywhere where the summer sun didn't set until nearly 10 or 11?  


  1. Mid-summers in Oregon, the night sky would remain light well after 9pm.

  2. Lovely Autumn days here Mlle Paradis...
    that is when we get to really enjoy sitting outside again in the garden (in the sub-tropics) - after the heat of summer has given way to reasonableness.

    Twice last week I took a tray to the table and comfortable large cane chairs in the garden...cushions, books...once alone...another day coffee and treats for 3.Im home a lot at the moment painting - so going outdoors is a delight.

    Loved all the images you wrote of... I was seduced!
    back soon... I think a walk outdoors is in order right now to wake up a little bit... slow morning start to the day ... staying up rather too late at night painting just now!
    S x