Thursday, December 9, 2010

And to All a Good Night

My new favorite website.  Serendipity.  It is French.  Some Americans get very bored with (my) Francophilia.  I say, if Americans could figure out how to make beds like this, (and deliver them to my doorstep YESTERDAY!)  there would be no such word!  Till that day comes......I PRONOUNCE MYSELF:  UNABASHED.  AND UNREQUITED.


(Photo:  Milk Magazine - also French - Decoration Issue No. 4)


  1. "Some Americans get very bored with (my) Francophilia"..
    but why.. pffff...oh no.... :)
    in France we like America..
    in fact we are the same.. with just little difference... but we like these difference..

  2. It is always best to go at life "unabashed, AND UNREQUITED". Why not?

    The bed reminds me of a bathtub. It seems safe and luxurious. In a very rustic way of course.

  3. Oh! Love the bed, the previous reference to Nicolas Kristoff, the cats doing the editing... Joyeuse fin de semaine!

  4. hello to all!

    to charles - i keep telling these yanks that you guys like them REALLY but they're not buying it. americans have a passport deficit and that's just the beginning! (but we're glad to have you visit!)

    theresa - you have excellent taste, but we knew that already!

    mary - hubby said but you would bump your head! and i had to point out the fundamental divergence in views that we have because OBVIOUSLY pillows would solve that one. he (like many husbands) does not understand this whole "pillow" thing.

    kenza - we know that you have excellent taste too, i'm sure you would be able to find some central asian felines to assist you in your blog duties. is petit caramel ready for the responsibilities?

    bea- merci de laisser un mot sur le dernier billet. desolee - vraiment je comprend pas ce difficulte de faire s'entendre nos ordinateurs! j'ai recu une reponse tres banale de "blogger" sur ce sujet, mais j'y persiste. un jour peut-etre....bon weekend!

  5. Oh I love Serendipity too!!
    Have a great WE. xo - G.
    ps: just received my Sedaris book from Amazon, I think I'll love it :)

  6. Keep up the Francophilia! I'm in the neighborhood of Serendipity almost every week. Shall I post you a souvenir?